Why it's worth to work with MA PRO?

Two Marketing Automation Specialists are ready to help you and your company with finding the potential of MA tools and lead your business on the higher level!

We work with many MA platforms what helps us to know very well the tools, options and functionalities available and useful for the specific business.

We will find the best MA platform matched to your business regarding crucial points like communication channels with the clients. 
We can help you from the beginning at the auction level and support your team with choosing the best MA platform to give you the full list of options needed at your company.

You can count on us at the implementation level. We will support your team in resolving every technical problems while implementation. 
We will help you with the communication between your company and MA provider regarding technical aspects and others.

We can build a MA team needed at your company. We offer the full MA training of the functionalities and the MA possibilities like creating the different scenarios matched to your business. 
We will share the know-how with your team and answear to the questions to make sure everything is clear and understood. We need to be sure that you and your company is ready to use Marketing Automation platform to grow your business.

We accept only the win-win option where both sites share the success.

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Who we are?

Ewelina Krajewska and Aleksandra Czapiewska (née Kijewska) has accepted the challenge of improving the marketing world by its automation.

We are aware of Marketing Automation potential and lack of the knowledge about this marketing domain. We are sure as well that its time is comming and soon or later Marketing Automation will be the foundations of the marketing in every significant company.

We want to help you in building the team and focus on using its knowledge and valuable time by automating many actions and replacing the manual and timeconsumming work with Marketing Automation platform. Thanks to this you give your employees time and possibility to be more focused on work based on their experience and creativity needed in marketing department.

You can trust on our experience which we prove by certifications (e.g.Salesmanago, Edrone, Sare and Saruhub).

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What do we offer?

How can we help you:
  • Suport in MA verification and recommendation the best one matched to your business.
  • Technical specification delivering and training regarding all functionalities available.
  • Building a team responsible for the MA implemantation.
  • Implementation of the MA platform.
  • Supervision of testing the MA platform implemented.
  • Training the team responsible for MA managing in the company.
  • Managing of the MA platform (optional). your business power with us!