Cooperation with MA PRO

Audit at client's company

Analysis of expectations and business needs at client's side needed for choosing the best Marketing Automation platform.

Listed the details regarding the client's priorities (e.g. increase of ROI, OR, CTR, leads, etc.) .

Pointing out the details regarding:

  • the other systems needed to be integrated with MA
  • the leads'  entrances and exits
  • the leads' databes needed to be integrated with MA (e.g. questionnaiers, e-mail marketing, financial databes, etc.)
  • the resources  (IT, marketing, etc.)
  • team's knowledge about Marketing Automation
  • the companie's structure (decisions-making processes, etc.)
  • the number of languages needed in MA system (e.g. for mult ilanguages e-commerce)
  • if there are any MA actions took already and what type of actions, are there any metrics and data collected
  • Omnichannel (POS)
  • details regarding RODO


Creating two teams at client's side. First one is needed for the implementation project of MA and the second one is needed for administrating the MA platform when it's implemented (layers, analyst, copywriting, employees of POS, etc.).

Marketing Automation platforms analysis

Analysis and presentation of the Marketing Automation platforms available and matched to the specific business.

Presentation of the MA platforms' details

Choosing the MA platforms best matching to the business and presentation of the whole spectrum of its functionalities, financial settlements for each platforms, metrics collected by each platform, etc. Comparative analysis of Marketing Automation platforms which has been chosen.

Recommendation of the best Marketing Automation platform

Recommendation of the best matching MA plaform - based on the business needs, technical possibilities of crucial functionalities and in the agreed financial range.

Create the implementation team

Building the implementation team at client's side. The team will be responsible for specific aspects regarding the implementation of Marketing Automation platorm.

Deliver the technical specification of the Marketing Automation platform

Presentation of the technical documentation of the MA platform to the implementation team.

Implementation and testing the Marketing Automation platform

Implementation of the Marketing Automation platform and testing it with the implementation team.

Training of the Marketing Automation platform

Training of the possibilites, functionalities and options of the MA platform implemented to the team responsible for administrating the platform.  The training includes the scenarios' creating, the segmentation of the database, multichannel communication, etc. 

Administration of the Marketing Automation platform

Administration of the MA platform if  the client prefers to outsource the service. 

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