What is Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing Automation is a set of marketing and sales activities running with the specific software platforms used to monitoring the users' acitivities on a website; collecting and processing the data of the new users.  Monitoring of the users (thanks to cookies) starts with the moment of their first visit on a website. The software helps us to use all the data collected by automating the communication with every single user. We can communicate with a client by the personalized e-mail, sms, mobile push, web push or website content.  

Advantages of Marketing Automation

  1. ROI controlled thanks to the data collected, knowledge of the activities taken and costs incurred.
  2. Saving time and increasing the work productivity of your team.
  3. Better knowledge about the users what helps to improve the communication and build the loyalty of the clients.

Myths about Marketing Automation

1. Marketing Automation is very expensive

Many MA providers offer a contract with one month notice period. 

Monthly fee can depend on the number of leads, e-mails sent per month and many others.

2. Marketing Automation is very complicated to use

We have plenty of MA platforms to choose - many of them are very easy to administrate.

All of the MA functionalities are created to help your business to grow and make your employees' work easier.

You can find MA specialists who can help you out with administrating the MA platform.

3. Implementing the Marketing Automation platform takes a lot of time

It depends on the platform you have chosen and team at your company who is responsible for the implementation project.

If you organise well the whole project's workflow you can avoid delays what contributes to make project timeconsumming.

4. Communication with MA can be very rigid, mechanical and unnatural

The whole communication based on the automatic algorithms are created by your team, not by the software.

5. We have an e-mail platform already, we don't need anything else

Marketing Automation can be used with many different communication channels like sms, web push or as a database which can be useful for Customer Service Office and other departments.

6. MA is useful only for Marketing Department 

Marketing Automation supports not only Marketing but the whole company and its departments like Customer Service Office or Sales Department.

7. We use Google Analytics so there is no need for any additional database

Marketing Automation helps with monitoring every single user separately, Google Analytics gives you only a sample of data.

source: “Revolution with Marketing Automation” by Grzegorz Błażewicz

Crucial functionalities of Marketing Automation

  • Monitoring and identification of website users
  • Marketing and selling database
  • Segmentation of the potential clients e.g. by their interests, behavioral, demographic and declarative data
  • Automation of marketing and selling actions
  • E-Mail Marketing, newsletters and autoresponders
  • Personalization of the website content
  • Dynamic content on the website and in the e-mails
  • Products recommendation
  • Loyalty programs 
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Generation
  • Cross/up/next selling
  • Rescuing abandoned shopping carts
  • Creator: Landing page, e-mail, forms, pop-up
  • Progressive forms
  • Testing A/B/X
  • Advanced analytics

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